Global X


Be the Hands and Feet to the World

What began as Men in Missions in January 1974 has changed and grown into what is now Work & Witness.  Over 200,000 people have been involved since its establishment. Work & Witness teams help with construction, medical and technical work, and evangelistic needs all over the world.

How YOU Can Get Involved

Construction Crews

Local church and Washington Pacific District teams have built churches, hospitals, colleges, and compassionate ministry centers, involving thousands of people just like YOU!

Medical and Technical Teams

There are NCM (Nazarene Compassion Ministry) teams going all over the world to help restore lives shattered by weather, political, & other disasters. Would you like to show mercy to another human being? This is the place for YOU!

JESUS Film Trips

Not a day goes by that some world area is welcoming a Nazarene team that shows a film designed for them, in their language that results in whole neighborhoods transformed by the Good News. Are YOU interested?