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A Place to Grow in God

Every week, OHNaz students come together for high-energy, unpredictable and meaningful services. From 7-12th grade, OHNaz is the place where your teens can meet friends, grow in faith, and learn how to make a difference.

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What to Expect

Thursday nights

OHNaz Teens meet for a hi-energy time of games, getting to know you, and application of the Bible to real-life scenarios that our teens face every day. It’s a perfect time to invite friends to get acquainted with other teens!

Small Groups

We have a great team of leaders that are fully committed to helping you feel welcome and included. Teens dive deep into the Bible for answers to their questions about God, family, themselves, and relationships.

Feel free to contact us

The leadership is working on numerous ways to stay in contact with teens and their families. So look for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like to stay up on what is happening with the teen community!

Meet our leaders

Meet Pastor Nichole Rech

Pastor Nichole is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene, with 11 years of experience ministering to youth, families, and most recently served as Connections Pastor. She looks forward to getting to know and enjoy the OHNaz Fam.

Meet Our Next Leader--YOU!

Does working with youth from ages 13 to 18 sound exciting to you? Are you interested in investing in our OHNaz youth ministry. Contact Pastor Nichole about how you may get involved!